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Fully meeting the needs
of our clients

We advise and support our customers in all project planning phases. The benefit is a holistic approach that takes into account all safety-relevant aspects such as structural safety, earthquake safety, fire resistance and the overall structural condition of a building. All other issues are resolved in an interdisciplinary planning team. With our specialised know-how, we develop the optimal and most economic solutions for your project.

Planning services


We plan your structure across all project phases. Networked thinking and interdisciplinary work in a specialist planning team as well as with the architect and building specialists is essential to accomplish this task. This approach is part of our core competence; only in this way an economic, functional and aesthetic building is created that meets all requirements.


  • Feasibility studies

  • Procurement of relevant documents

  • Survey of existing structures

  • Static concepts

  • Project planning across all construction phases

Seismic safety


In earthquake engineering, it is crucial to define the adequate level of detail of analysis for the task at hand. Otherwise, either uneconomical analysis costs or uneconomical retrofitting measures will result. As a certified earthquake engineer, the company owner guarantees an optimal cost-benefit-ratio for assessed earthquake projects.


  • Procurement of relevant documents

  • Surveys of existing structures

  • Non-destructive testing on historic structures

  • In-depth non-linear analyses

  • Optimised earthquake retrofit measures

Railway engineering


The planning of railway facilities is a complex and demanding task. We have the necessary experience and interdisciplinary perspective to design reinforced and unreinforced track slabs, crossings and transition areas as well as mass-spring systems for the reduction of structure-borne noise and vibrations. Large projects with a construction volume of >100 million EUR were successfully planned and realised by the company owner in terms of engineering services.


  • Procurement of relevant documents

  • Assessment / definition of requirements for infrastructures, for an adequate track-structure interaction

  • Support with site logistics, concrete recipes, QM systems, mock-ups, etc.

  • Project planning across all construction phases

Fire safety


When assessing the fire resistance - especially of existing buildings - in-depth fire analyses according to Eurocodes and relevant literature are very useful. This approach is more efficient than "prophylactically" protecting the structure from the effects of fire without further investigations. The assessment and retrofit of structures with regard to fire resistance is a speciality of our office.


  • Procurement of relevant documents

  • Surveys of existing structures

  • Non-destructive measurement of the concrete cover (protection of the reinforcement against the effects of fire)

  • Structural fire design

  • Optimised fire protection measures

Structural survey


The assessment of the condition of structures with regard to limit state safety - especially for listed heritage structures - is another one of our specialities. For this purpose we have our own equipment for non-destructive and slightly-destructive measurements. For additional works such as local structural removals for survey with subsequent restoration and sealing, as well as laboratory testing and potential corrosion measurements, we recommend and coordinate adequate specialists.


  • In-situ inspections

  • Procurement of relevant documents

  • Surveys of existing structures

  • Non-destructive measurements

  • Coordination of other specialists

  • Optimised retrofit measures

Second opinion

second opinion.jpg

A professional second opinion is often desired for complex projects with costly retrofit measures, for cases of structural damage, as well as for select public sector projects.  As a checking engineer and member of the pool of reviewers for Swiss public projects (BLO), and as a recognised expert of the Swiss Chamber of Engineers (SIA), the  company owner has been working in this field for many years. This way it is assured that a given concept is either professionally confirmed or further optimisation potential is highlighted.


  • Assessment of existing concepts

  • Plausibility checks of existing analyses

  • Rough estimates and FEM calculations to check complex calculation models

  • Dispute resolution

  • Assessment of claims in a damage event

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