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Reference projects

In the following a selection of current or completed projects of the company owner is shown.



Culvert construction, Platzspitz Zurich
The existing culvert was replaced by three new HDPE pipes at the confluence of the Limmat and Sihl rivers.
The existing spillway was also enlarged.


For this technically demanding open cut construction, watertight sheet pile pits had to be constructed in stages and a temporary steel auxiliary bridge on driven piles had to be designed.

Seismic safety


Seismic analysis of school building Feldli (SG)
The school building at hand was verified for earthquake resistance using a displacment-based masonry pushover-analysis. The dynamic local soil behaviour was investigated in detail and taken into account (microzoning). Subsequently, the proportional retrofitting costs were determined. Through  application of various selective, minor retrofitting measures, important seismic irregularities could be eliminated (abrupt stiffness changes, short-column effects, insufficient bracing in the longitudinal direction), which resulted in a significant improvement of the earthquake behaviour.


Seismic analysis of federal and cantonal buildings, detail levels 1-3 (CH)
For this task, the seismic safety of a large variety of existing, differing structures was assessed. The work ranged from recommendations for further action to simple calculations and to detailed non-linear 3D analyses. Where necessary, retrofit measures were recommended, taking the economic proportionality, the architectural appearance, the preservation criteria for  historical monuments as well as the use of the building and further planned renovation measures into account.

Railway engineering


Slab track on steel bridge, CEVA (CH)
Within the CEVA project, an unreinforced slab track was planned on an 84 m long steel bridge over the river Arve (GE). The following services were provided:

  • Concept and detailed verifications of the slab track (statics, dynamic interaction, shrinkage, creep, concrete and steel fatigue, shear key connection and partial bond with bridge structure etc.).

  • Consultation with civil bridge planners for adjustments to the bridge structure to meet the requirements of the slab track.


Gotthard Base Tunnel (CH)
The longest railway tunnel in the world (56 km twin tube) was equipped with unreinforced slab track. The following services were provided:

  • Detailed verification of the unreinforced concrete in the vicinity of the sleepers, pulling chambers and the transition areas from slab track to ballasted track.

  • Preparation of mock-up, incl. all static verifications of mock-up tunnel arch (steel ribbed construction).

  • Verification of all construction conditions and specifications for the logistics for the purpose of staged construction, early slab accessibility, concrete curing, etc.


Zurich City Link (CH)
In order to transform Zurich HB into a transit station and to increase capacity, an extension through the Weinberg tunnel (4.8 km double track) to Zurich-Oerlikon was realised in unreinforced slab track. The following sections were designed:

  • Sections with light, medium and heavy mass-spring system to comply with specified structure-borne noise and vibration limits

  • Sections of slab track in the open

  • Sections of slab track with "high attenuation" vibration mitigation


New construction of the East London Line (UK)
A section of the London Overground line was newly constructed over approx. 3.8 km as an unreinforced slab track using the LVT system with double track and S&C areas. On selected sections, mass-spring systems were designed to comply with structure-borne noise and vibration criteria. Existing ballast bridges were upgraded to meet slab track requirements.

One section included new slab track construction in a historic masonry tunnel under the River Thames (Brunel Tunnel, 1843), taking the subsoil, drainage and groundwater conditions into account.

Fire safety


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Structural survey


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Second opinion


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